Your Medicare Options


MEDIGAP, also known as Medicare Supplement Plans can be used only by people enrolled in traditional Medicare. It is insurance purchased to cover some or most, of your out of pocket expenses in traditional Medicare. These expenses may include Medicare Part B costs like the twenty percent you would otherwise pay for doctor visits and outpatient services, the Part A hospital deductible (1,316.00 in 2017 per benefit period), most of the cost of medical emergencies abroad, and certain other options based on the policy you choose. These plans do not include prescription drug coverage. They are purchased separately.

Each Medigap policy is standardized by law, simply put, the benefits of each are the exact same, regardless of which insurer provides it. You can also choose any doctor or hospital in the country that YOU CHOOSE, as long as they accept Medicare.

Note: Insurers still charge widely different premiums for the same plan, so it pays to shop around.

In our opinion Medicare A and B with a supplement insurance policy is your best option.


MEDICARE ADVANTAGE PLANS- These plans are a variety of private health plans, basically HMO’s and PPO’s, which Medicare offers, as a coverage alternative to the traditional program. These plans must cover the same benefits that traditional Medicare covers. These plans can charge different copayments and out of pocket maximum expenses. Some of these plans charge a monthly premium, in addition to the Medicare Part B premium. Most of these plans include a prescription drug plan . All plans by law, have annual limits on out of pocket costs. One of the major differences from the traditional Medicare program is that most plans require you to go to doctors and other providers within their service network or pay higher copays for going out of network.