Forresta R


I would like to take a moment to extend a big thank you for helping me select a Medicare supplement prescription plan. Not only did you go the extra mile in the prescription plan research, but also dental and vision research and answered many questions I had concerning other health plans and did so with the most pleasant voice and personality. You sent me everything you said you would and you called me every time you said you would, even having to call back because of bad weather on my end.

You are truly a woman of your word. I never felt high pressured only educated from your help. I will pass your name on to a few of my friends that are presently in the same boat I am in. The internet can overwhelm a person with information to where you don't know if or what you are doing is the correct thing. I feel blessed to have connected with you and will keep you in my computer forever.

Also I did do the Silver Script prescription plan over the phone and I was ask who sent me and I gave them your name with the highest of praises.

Best Regards,

Forresta Reynolds (Park Hill OK)